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What Is Respite Victoria?

Respite and carer support services are provided throughout Victoria by a range of different organisations. It can be difficult to know where to start when you first consider accessing respite, need support as a carer or even when you move to a new area.

Respite Victoria links you to the 8 regional disability respite websites in Victoria. Each regional website links you to the Respite Service Search (local and statewide), and has specific local information, news and events.

Respite Victoria has been established as part of the Victorian Department of Human Service's initiatives to improve access to information about respite for carers and people with a disability in Victoria.

Regional Map

To find your regional disability respite website, select an area
on the map and click


Regional Map with Website Links Respite South Respite East Respite North and West Respite Hume Gippsland Respite Respite Loddon Mallee Respite Grampians Respite Barwon South West

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