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What Is Respite?

Respite support is when carers can take a short-term or time-limited break while someone else supports the person with a disability. It aims to provide a positive experience for both the person with a disability and the carer.

Respite support is where a person with a disability is engaged in:

  • Community Participation - participates in every day activities
  • In-home support - provides support in the person’s home
  • Out of home support - support is provided:
    • in a family environment
    • at a camp, holiday or weekend away, or
    • during an overnight stay in a facility.

Respite support is flexible and can be

  • Planned throughout the year so that there are regular or occasional breaks, for example, support can be for a couple of hours, a day, a weekend, a week or more
  • Unplanned when a break is needed at short notice and/or an emergency when there is an immediate need such as a carer going to hospital.

For further information please see the Respite Support Information Sheet (view within dhs.vic.gov.au),also available in 13 community languages.

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